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Free Local Delivery

At Cypress Pharmacy, we make sure you never have to wait longer for a refill! We offer free delivery services Monday – Friday. Our fast and dependable delivery service helps ensure that you stay on track with your prescription regimen.

Custom Compounding

Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications. Most pharmacies do not offer compounding services and many pharmacists are unfamiliar with the art. As your Fort Myers compounding pharmacy, Cypress Pharmacy keeps the art of compounding alive as we continue to compound customized medications for our patients and their pets. Compounding is a great solution for patients who are allergic to preservatives or dyes or are sensitive to standard drug strengths.

Pet Compounding

Having trouble giving your pet their medication? Bring in your pet’s scripts from your veterinarian and we’ll compound a medication specific to their needs that will be easy to take and your pets will love.

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Prescription Refills

Time is precious and we’re here to help! Access your family’s prescriptions wherever you are. We offer 4 convenient ways to request a refill:
1. Give us a call with the Rx# you wish to refill and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.
2. Create an online account for your family. Click “Sign-Up Today” and begin the registration process. Once you have created an account, you will be able to login, view your active prescriptions and submit them for refill. It's just that easy!
3. Without registering, you can utilize the "Quick Refill" located on our Home Page and quickly submit a prescription for refill. This feature is available to all our patients, registered or not.
4. Always on the go? Download our mobile app and refill your prescriptions anywhere. You can either enter the prescription number manually or by scanning the barcode on your vial label, if available.

Dispose My Meds (Medication Disposal Program)

Cypress Pharmacy is pleased to offer a medication disposal program to help patients safely dispose of unused and expired medication. Simply drop your medication into our secure MedSafe disposal box, and we will properly dispose of it using the DEA preferred method of disposal.

Medication Flavoring

Are you not a fan of how your medicine tastes? Cypress Pharmacy can enhance the taste of medication, while ensuring that the flavor is compatible with the medication’s properties. Our flavoring has no effect on the performance of the medication.

Free Vitamin Program

Vitamins are the building blocks of health, and many people don’t get what they need from food alone, especially young people and seniors. That’s why Cypress Pharmacy is proud to offer free vitamins through our Free Vitamin Club for Kids and the Free Vitamin Club for Adults 50+. Products available through the program include Leader Children’s Multivitamins and Leader Adult 50+ Multivitamins.

To join the program, simply complete an enrollment form and present your Club Card each month to receive one 30-count bottle of vitamins at no cost.

Simplify My Meds® (Medication Synchronization Program)

We offer Simplify My Meds®, a program that allows you to get all your prescriptions filled on the same day every month. The medication synchronization program coordinates all of your prescriptions, allowing you the convenience of a single trip to the pharmacy each month.

You are always welcome to call, stop by, go online to www.CypressPharmacy.com, or use the Cypress Pharmacy mobile app to refill your prescriptions.

Customer Loyalty Program

Earn one point for every $1 spent on non-prescriptions and five points for every prescription. Receive a $5 reward certificate with 100 points and enjoy additional specials and promotions for rewards members throughout the year! View your membership account information including point balance, transactions, and certificates at www.myrepeatrewards.com.

Medication Packaging

One pill twice-a-day, two pills once-a-day...who can keep up? We can help! Cypress Pharmacy offers medication packaging solutions that are designed to help increase medication compliance for patients with even the most complex regimens. We are proud to offer the Medicine-On-Time® multi dose medication packaging system, designed to reduce the risk of medication misuse and improve overall patient health. This patented system provides each patient with color-coded cards representing the time of day the medications are supposed to be taken.

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Wellness Program

A healthy life is a happy life, and the CP Wellness Program developed by our pharmaceutical experts, can support your goals of achieving optimal health. Everyone wants to perform at their best and we can help by understanding and addressing your wellness needs. No matter what a better life means to you, the right supplements can help. It just takes the right ones, and that’s where we come in.

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